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Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) / Randomized Field Experiment

Refers to an experimental research design in which participants are randomly assigned to a treatment or a control group. Most social scientists consider random assignment to lead to the highest level of confidence that observed effects are the result of the program and not other variables.

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A Program is a specific set of activities carried out according to guidelines to achieve a defined purpose. Program profiles on tell us whether a specific program was found to achieve its goals when it was carefully evaluated. The results apply to the exact set of activities and procedures used for that one program as it was implemented at the time of evaluation. Thus, the program profile tells us that a program is likely to produce the observed result if implemented in exactly the same way. A hypothetical question that might be answered by a program profile is: Did the ABC Mentoring Program in Anytown, USA achieve its goals?

A Practice is a general category of programs, strategies, or procedures that share similar characteristics with regard to the issues they address and how they address them. Practice profiles tell us about the average results from multiple evaluations of similar programs, strategies, or procedures. The programs, strategies, or procedures within a practice are similar because they share certain defining characteristics that are described for each practice profile on Thus, practice profiles tell us the average result across multiple evaluations. A hypothetical question that might be answered by a practice profile is: Does mentoring usually achieve its goals?

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