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Delinquency Prevention Programs at a Glance
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Delinquency Prevention Practice Outcomes at a Glance
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Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) / Randomized Field Experiment

Refers to an experimental research design in which participants are randomly assigned to a treatment or a control group. Most social scientists consider random assignment to lead to the highest level of confidence that observed effects are the result of the program and not other variables.


Delinquency Prevention

When a juvenile commits an act that would be criminal if committed by an adult, the juvenile is determined to be delinquent. Delinquent acts may include crimes against persons, crimes against property, drug offenses, and crimes against public order. Delinquency prevention efforts seek to redirect youth who are considered at-risk for delinquency or who have committed a delinquent offense from deeper involvement in the juvenile justice system.



OJP Publications

Development and Validation of an Actuarial Risk Assessment Tool for Juveniles with a History of Sexual Offending, NIJ-Sponsored, June 2019

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: 2017 Annual Report, OJJDP, May 2019

Multi-Method Study on Risk Assessment Implementation and Youth Outcomes in the Juvenile Justice System, OJJDP-Sponsored, April 2019

Coaching Teachers in Detection and Intervention Related to Bullying, NIJ-Sponsored, March 2019

Final Summary Overview: Impact Evaluation of No Bully System, NIJ-Sponsored, February 2019

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