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Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) / Randomized Field Experiment

Refers to an experimental research design in which participants are randomly assigned to a treatment or a control group. Most social scientists consider random assignment to lead to the highest level of confidence that observed effects are the result of the program and not other variables.

Victims & Victimization

Health & Mental Health

After a crime occurs, victims may suffer from a range of physical and mental health issues. Beyond recovering from physical trauma directly resulting from a violent crime, a victim may suffer from other physical symptoms such as insomnia, appetite disturbance, lethargy, headaches, muscle tension, nausea, and decreased libido. Some types of mental health issues that may occur include post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, depression, substance abuse, panic, and social withdrawal.



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Human Trafficking Victims With Disabilities or Mental Illness, OVC-Sponsored, 2018

Study Finds Agencies Can React More Supportively Than Family and Friends to Victims' Disclosures of Sexual Assault, NIJ, October 2018

National TeleNursing Center: Program Evaluation Final Report, OVC-Sponsored, October 2018
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Vision 21: Law Enforcement and the Communities They Serve, OVC, June 2017

Expanding Use of the Social Reactions Questionnaire Among Diverse Women, NIJ-Sponsored, June 2017

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